You too can unleash the power of yourself
in just 30 days with this coloring page!

Do you

​… suffer from low self-esteem?

… feel discourage and lonely?

… always think negatively?


Do you want to

… be free from those negative thoughts?

… change the course of your life?

… break the negative blocks within yourself that hinders your success?

… be happy and contented?​

If the answer is yes, then you are in the right website. For more or less two decades, I suffered the same thing. I was imprisoned with all those negative thoughts attracting negative things in my life. I was a biggest pessimist. As my mother said, I am my own enemy.

But within me, I want to change to a better person. A totally opposite person that I used to be. I almost seek help from professionals. But I don’t have the courage. I was scared.

So I researched. I read self-help books and articles online. I watched videos on how to break free from this kind of illness. I listened to audios. It helped me in many ways. But I discovered an approach of healing myself. That is through the power within me.

I have skills. I am a creative person. I am passionate about creating something: doodling, crafting, painting, lettering. Activities that make me happy… make me contented and proud of myself.

I discovered it as a great activity to combat my pessimism and boost my self-esteem.

Year 2015, I almost gave up. I suffered from anxiety. I cannot sleep. I feel devastated and wanted to end up things through the easiest way.

But I fought. I meditated through drawing and I doodle self-affirmation phrases. I find it relaxing at the same time gradually changed the way I think. I never thought that doodling self-affirmation words will also feed my mind positive thoughts that became a habit instill in me. With that I can see transformation of myself, living a positive life and attracting great opportunities that will lead me to success. This time, I can say, I am indeed a newer version of myself.

I have a mission. I know I am not suffering from this dilemma alone. I have to share my God’s gift talent. I am not saying that you doodle too. I know not all of us has interest in doodling. That’s why I created coloring pages where you can repetitively say self-affirmation phrases while coloring it. If it works on me I believe it will do the same to you.

By the way, as a simple way of thanking my subscriber I give them free downloadable coloring page. So grab a copy by subscribing below. I tell you the best day to change yourself is to act right away. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t wait to waste opportunity. Unleash the power within you.

I want to unleash the power within me.

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It’s not enough. Transforming yourself to a better you is not a one night makeover. It’s not a magic. To create a total transformation of your way of thinking you have to form a habit and that takes time. The key is repetition. Thus, one coloring pages is not enough.

But don’t worry, I created “I AM: 30 Coloring Page That Will Unleash the Power Within You ”, a 30 coloring page with self-affirmation phrases eBook that you can download for as low as $17.00.

I tell you, it is a steal of a deal. If I will think of business and money and computing the time I doodle and the materials I used, I’d charge you 10 times the offer price. So $17.00 value of this eBook is actually like I’m giving it away for free.

Now, if you’re not sure if this will really works on you, you have an option can get 15 coloring pages for $10.

But I’m only offering the price for limited time. So hurry up and grab the opportunity while it’s on sale.

Yes, I want the 15 pages coloring eBook

Yes, I want to unleash the power within me. Give me the 30 pages

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I want to unleash the power within me.

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P.S. And because I want you to spread good vibes across the globe. I am giving you the freedom to reprint copies and give it to someone who are in need of this coloring page. You can use it too in your classroom or group healing. As long as it can help other people. But, please don’t resell it.