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August 5, 2012


Feeling blue this week – I had argument with my colleague and encountered rude and demanding customers. (Sigh)…

Clay Beads
But looking at the blue beads I made last Monday changes my view of color blue. Though not perfect, but the fact that I handcrafted it delighted me.

B is for Beaded Christmas Balls

I’ve been thinking about this craft countless time for my Ey to Zee Christmas Craft Ideas since I published my Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas last February. To my dismay the materials in local store in the town where I live are limited and quiet expensive. But when it comes to my passion, budget is not an issue!

Beaded Christmas Balls

Beaded Christmas Balls

Here’s a tutorial for this craft project. This is a very EyZee (easy) but not a quick craft project. It took me 4 hours to do one beaded ball. You might get bored of the repetition of steps till one Styrofoam ball is covered; just a tip, do this while watching TV or chatting with someone.


Beaded Christmas Balls Materials

Short Glass Beads, Long Glass Beads, Dressmaker Pins, Sequence, and Styrofoam Balls


Beaded Christmas Balls Procedure 1

1. Thread small bead, long bead, another small bead then the sequence in a pin.

2. Pin the beads and sequence into the styrofoam ball.

Beaded Christmas Balls

3. Repeat steps until the styrofoam ball is covered..

The available color of long beads sold are only silver and different colored. So I decided to make silver and colored Beaded Christmas Balls.

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December 15, 2011

My heart is leaping with joy; Totally Tutorials accept my tute – Beaded Christmas Ball Ornament….. You can find it here.

Totally Tutorials Blog
Also featured in My World Made by Han last December 20, 2011… Soo happy

Gift’s for Moms

My 11 Year old niece made bracelets for her tita’s and Nanay (her grandma) as her gifts for the Mothers’ day. She used the artificial stones that were stored and untouched for more than two years since my sister went abroad.

Venus Bracelet

I’m happy because she reused the cake boxes as bracelet holder/tag/card.

Bracelet from Venus

Back of Bracelet from Venus