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Reuse Materials for Gift Wrap

recycled Christmas wrap

While some of you are celebrating Christmas now here I am cramming on my Christmas shopping (it’s still morning of the 24th here ). I only bought one gift so far. Probably will do shopping later before going to work. Yup! I’ll be working till 8 tonight which doesn’t sound good.

Anyways, probably some of you are opening gifts now. And for sure a stack of torn Christmas wrappers are filing in your garbage can. That’s why I don’t buy gift wrappers because I don’t want to add waste to our mother earth. But I still wrap gifts using reuse materials. My mom influenced me a lot in taking care our mother earth. I remember we used to wrapped our gifts with old newspaper  or magazine.

gift wrap


This Christmas I use this brown paper (same material with paper bags) to wrap Christmas presence. It is actually a band for napkins we use at work. Instead of throwing it I decided to add more details by writing Christmas greetings and adding some twines which is actually from old gifts from our friends.

I love doing this kind of stuff because it’s personalize, it’s practical and most important is that it’s eco-friendly.

recycled Christmas wrap


Have a Merry Christmas y’all!!!!

Mini Christmas Tree Made From Coffee Filters

There’s always a mystery with the Christmas spirit that makes the mood of the surroundings different. Probably bonuses we get from our companies, gifts we receive and give, parties, decorations, etc. But whatever the reason is Christmas is always my favorite season.  Although celebrating it without the whole family leaves a big gap on me, I know I still have to celebrate it. After all, “happiness is an inside job” according to my mom (a quote which she adopted from William Arthur Ward).

I know decorating will bring happiness in me. So I have to make something for this season. And bring the happiness that I long for.

Since buying Christmas décor is impractical for me, I decided to create something small, simple and as much as possible I will create a décor that I won’t spend too much. Is it possible? Yes of course! Just explore and find inspirations from surroundings. Just like the coffee filters I used for my mini Christmas trees.

Christmas tree Made out of Coffee Filters


I only spent for stick glue for this décor (and yeah, electricity). The stand is a candle holder, a second hand item that was given to me. The previous owner said that his wife changed décor and that they don’t need it anymore. People here can simply throw things. They’d love to buy and throw when they don’t like it anymore. And I’m one happy recipient ‘coz I know I can make something out of it.

For the coffee filters. I found this humungous filters at work. Apparently it’s a wrong order, instead of throwing it, I decided to cut an inch of the edges so that it will fit on the basket of the coffee maker machine. I collected it over a month. I can’t resist hoarding scraps ‘coz I see beauty in them that others neglect to notice.

Here’s a time-lapse of how I made my mini Christmas tree. As you can see I used plastic and coffee cups to build the cone. It is easier that way. But you can also make a cone out of cardboard.


Looking at it awakens the creative side of me and simply brings joy within me.

Happy Holidays!

A little late for greeting Merry Christmas, thus the title. But there is one thing behind it – something that I learned from a person whom I just met at workplace. I greeted “Merry Christmas” to this person and he answered me back, “I don’t celebrate Christmas”. I was dumbfounded and do not know what to reply. But he was friendly and trying to explain to me that it’s all about his religion. And at the end of our conversation he told me to say “Happy Holidays” instead.

On Christmas Eve, a Muslim brother approached me and greeted me “Merry Christmas”. I apologized for not greeting (because of the fact that he is Muslim) and explained my encounter with the happy-holidays-guy. And he suggested to me that I should have told that guy to respect religion.   Either ways, they are right with their point of view.

Anyways, here’s a watercolor painting of holly for you as we continue celebrating the holidays.




P.S. It’s a HOLLY! Yes a HOLLY! …. I am giving emphasis because somebody corrected me in my Instagram post that it is a holly and not mistletoe (written in my original caption). Oh well, another thing I learned this season.

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