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How to Make a Flower Using Clay Cutter

One morning, I woke up thinking of a black rose….  Ooopppss! There’s no negative meaning of it. I’m thinking of black clay rose. I know it’s what I want for my next project.

The only black clay I have is Fimo soft… And because it’s soooft I had a hard time forming it into a rose. I tried countless times and I gave up!

Decided to make another project… I grabbed from one color of clay after another, but can’t decide what to make. Until I grabbed the white…. from black to white flower? Why not? I have plenty of white clay.

But at the end my output was not a rose. Using my unused Premo! Sculpey Mini Metal Clay Cutters set (the first tool that I bought at Michaels), I formed a pretty white flower instead. What kind of flower? Just don’t bother to ask.

Here it is….


(I know it’s not flawless)

Here’s how to make (PS please bare with my tuts I’m a novice clayist trying to be expert… nyehehehe)

You’ll need


Mini Metal Clay Cutters (Circle, small and large tear drop size, and heart), Ball end from the Sculpey 5-in-1 Tool Kit, Clay Machine

1. Condition the clay.
2. Run the clay into clay machine. I set mine into number 3
3. Then using cutters. Cut 1 circle, 6 large tear drops, 7 small tear drops and 3 heart shapes

4. Using the ball end tool, gently press the edges of the cut petals (tear drop and heart shapes) until it forms a concave.

5. Apply liquid clay to the surface of the circle. Assemble the large tear drop petals into the circle. Gently press the tip of each petal.


6. Repeat step 5 for the next layer of petals using the small tear drop shape.


7. Then do it again with the heart shape petals.


8. For the center. Make a ball and draw some lines for details or simply using a mesh press the ball shape clay (hope I can explain thoroughly this technique I forgot to take a pic).


9. Then bake according to package’s direction.


You can also apply gloss after it cools downs.
I made two of this ‘coz I’m planning to make it as shoe clip. That’s why in the pic above (materials) you can see the shoe clip. But I found out that the liquid clay doesn’t work with the metals. I just used glue gun to attached the clay flower on the metal after baking.


B is for Beaded Christmas Balls

I’ve been thinking about this craft countless time for my Ey to Zee Christmas Craft Ideas since I published my Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas last February. To my dismay the materials in local store in the town where I live are limited and quiet expensive. But when it comes to my passion, budget is not an issue!

Beaded Christmas Balls

Beaded Christmas Balls

Here’s a tutorial for this craft project. This is a very EyZee (easy) but not a quick craft project. It took me 4 hours to do one beaded ball. You might get bored of the repetition of steps till one Styrofoam ball is covered; just a tip, do this while watching TV or chatting with someone.


Beaded Christmas Balls Materials

Short Glass Beads, Long Glass Beads, Dressmaker Pins, Sequence, and Styrofoam Balls


Beaded Christmas Balls Procedure 1

1. Thread small bead, long bead, another small bead then the sequence in a pin.

2. Pin the beads and sequence into the styrofoam ball.

Beaded Christmas Balls

3. Repeat steps until the styrofoam ball is covered..

The available color of long beads sold are only silver and different colored. So I decided to make silver and colored Beaded Christmas Balls.

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December 15, 2011

My heart is leaping with joy; Totally Tutorials accept my tute – Beaded Christmas Ball Ornament….. You can find it here.

Totally Tutorials Blog
Also featured in My World Made by Han last December 20, 2011… Soo happy

July 15, 2009

Salty Candle

I would like to share to you a new craft idea, a candle made out of salt and oil. Yup!!! You read it right – SALT; different from the usual candle that is made of wax. Since it is not made of wax then you can use it many times. You just need to refill it with oil.

You can make this with your kids. My niece help me with this craft.


What you need:

A glass container

Salt (enough to fill the container)

Cooking oil (use cooking oil is an alternative)

Colored chalk

For the wicker:

match stick and cotton (form it like a cotton bud)


1. Rub the chalk to the salt until the salt assumes the color of the chalk. I use color blue, green, yellow, orange, and red here.

2. Put the colored salt into the container alternately or you can do whatever art you want to create.

3. Put the wicker and pour the cooking oil. Be sure that the cotton of the wicker is soak with oil.

4. Now, you can use the candle. (NOTE: It will take you few seconds before the wicker burns). Refilll with cooking oil if it’s necessary.


“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.