Free Printable Mother’s Day Coloring Page

My Facebook account is flooded with news feed of either the national election in Philippines and the heartbreaking videos and photos of the wildfire in Fort McMurray. Amidst all the chaotic issues in politics, the trials that Albertans are facing right now or whatever challenges you are dealing with, let us all not forget to celebrate mother’s day. After all moms deserves to be honoured.

As my gift for you and your mom, I made a FREE printable coloring page which  you can download it here. It’s a pdf file in A4 size.


Mother's Day  Printable Coloring Page

You can leave it colorless and let your mom get relax and loss in coloring this flower-filled greeting page. Or why not let all your siblings, grandchildren, and dad color each flower and give your personal greetings at the the back of the page. I’m sure your mom will be delighted how each of you put an effort to make this coloring page wonderful.

You can color  the text “Happy Mother’s Day” and leave the background black and white. Or the other way around. But you can color the way you want it to.

Hope to see your output in social medias. Please tag me at Instagram and Twitter @marieyandesigns and/or Facebook Page EyZee.

Happy mother’s day to all the moms out there.


P.S. I am working on a self-affirmation coloring page for 2 months already. Hoping to publish it as my first eBook. If you are interested fill the sign-up form at the right of this page to get updated.

Say Hello to Spring


March 21st marks the first day of spring. But here in Lac la Biche it feels like winter won’t stop and trying to extend its season. In fact we got new layer of powdery snow recently. Oh well it wasn’t a bad winter though just like the past four years since here I came in Canada. I never experience the knee high snow as what they’ve told me. And temperature doesn’t go below 4o degree celsius that much. So I guess I’m lucky that I only experienced CozyWinters.

Anyways, spring is here. Although grounds are covered with white snow, I can see buds in the trees – a sign of new season, a new life. I can’t wait to see all the blooms around and finally open my window to breathe fresh air.

Step-by-Step Guidance to Simplify Your Upcoming Remodeling

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Choosing the Right Projects

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The list also contains common interior remodeling tasks. It also reminds you of parts of your house that routinely need attention, such as the attic and the basement. If you are unsure of what tasks you could carry out in a basement or attic, you can click on the words “attic” and “basement” to find details now about common tasks like sealing floors, cleaning vents, and other jobs.

Finding Contractors

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