Voice Recording – A Dream Long Forgotten

I was watching a music video at Facebook. The voice of the singer is soothing and you can say that recording is done professionally and done in a studio with high-end instruments.

But actually now a days, anyone can do a great quality voice recording as long as you have the right tool or instrument for vocal processor such as the vocals at musiciansfriend.com. I’ve seen different music video online that was apparently recorded home-based but with great quality as the one recorded in studio.

Speaking of ┬ávoice recording. I’ve had this dream before of becoming a voice recorder. Not a singer but I want to dub a radio drama. That was my past time during college. But I was too scared to audition. I don’t have the confidence and so that dream was long forgotten until today.

But should I try auditioning? Might be in the future but as for now I more focus on developing my passion in designing. I’ve been into lettering, watercolor design and fashion illustration lately.